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“No pipe. No way…”

I woke up on Friday morning and realized I simply had to attend the ‘No Pipe’ Rally in Pictou. Clearly many hundreds of my fellow Nova Scotians woke up and felt precisely the same way. When it comes to the environmental impact upon the coastal waters of this province, it is about time we got our act together. Just as we should not allow open net pen fish farming for a dozen compelling reasons, similarly we should not even consider the so called pipe solution that Northern Pulp is proposing …

Beyond the horrific environmental impacts of the Mill upon people’s lives in Pictou County, could we for once start to think of safeguarding the seafood species in this region, and the brand that we sell under? It is so ironic. Sadly ironic. The Government of Nova Scotia has adopted a new seafood brand embracing ‘PURE’ front and centre. If they actually allow a pipe to be extended into the Northumberland Strait with any discharge from the mill, they would lose the right to claim purity forever. The hypocrisy would be staggering …

Stewart Lamont

Managing Director

Tangier Lobster Company.

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