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APES March on Halifax
 APES signs outside Farmers Market, Halifax
 APES at Farmers Market, Halifax
 APES stall outside Farmers Market, Halifax
Lobster boat at dock on Sober Island, NS
Fisherman in foul weather gear and watch cap back on land
Splash of a breaking wave
Woman takes a photograph
Couple walks on the beach, Eastern Shore NS
Trees, streams and small inland lakes
Cobble beach
Bird flies over breaking wave
Two women and a dog on the beach
Great Blue Heron catches prey
Couple picnics on island rocks
Rock climbing
Woman sleeps on a rocky island
Kayaking in the Bay of Islands
Crab and dog
Sheet Rock Light, Sheet Harbour, NS
Raging water of the West River
Woman stands beside a beached whale
Bald Eagle courses over sea ice
lobster supper
Hikers walk along a headland near the sea
Road to Port Dufferin
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