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A brief history of or overview of stories about open pen aquaculture in Nova Scotia (from February 2009-March 2012) is attached. For some comparisons between (typical) aquaculture promises in Shelburne, NS and their delivery on the job front, see here:

Any major breaks in this story (eg. if Minister Belliveau grants a moratorium on further licenses) will also be posted here.

Press releases from the Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore are posted under the History section of this website, as are photographs of our meetings and activities.

Fish farming in open pens in the water, or closed pens on land? Listen to: audio on cbc


PDF icon Study of Inka Milewski et al.1.93 MB
PDF icon Province Undermines Own Aquaculture Regulations with Shelburne Site “Renewal”394.71 KB
PDF icon July 20, 2017 Judge orders environmental assessment of proposed Placentia Bay fish farm174.44 KB
PDF icon May, 2017 Land-based Salmon Farm Gets Federal Money349.38 KB
PDF icon N.S. salmon farm renewal stirs up neighbours238.99 KB
PDF icon Nova Scotia aquaculture transparency 'improvement' questioned306.66 KB
PDF icon APES leaflet handed out at Sobey´s289.49 KB
PDF icon May 26 2014 Consumers Will Dictate the Future Face of Salmon Farming165.68 KB
PDF icon March 27 NS taxpayers money going abroad394.8 KB
PDF icon Fish farmers spinning sea lice success280.78 KB
PDF icon Guide to Safe Salmon365 KB
PDF icon Mar 18 2014 Chronicle Herald Fish farm culls cost public $138m299.03 KB
PDF icon Loch Duart suffers £7.7m loss in tricky year174.65 KB
PDF icon Ocean Planning - Thinking Regionally, Managing Locally467.69 KB
PDF icon Open Net Pen versus Progressive Aquaculture173.41 KB
PDF icon Jan 8 2014 $13M for Cooke Aquaculture after infected salmon129.09 KB
PDF icon Jan 10 2014 Secrecy not an option on fish farm compensation157.96 KB
PDF icon Dec 16 2013 Residents, fish farm seek source of scummy substance in bay210.58 KB
PDF icon Dec 18 2013 Sea scum in Jordan Bay worries residents247.46 KB
PDF icon 9 Things Everyone Should Know About Farmed Fish353.49 KB
PDF icon Nov 8 CBC News CFIA orders ISA infected salmon destroyed136.7 KB
PDF icon A letter by Peggy Cameron about aquaculture in NS that she submitted to the Nova Scotia Aquaculture Regulatory Review Panel126.26 KB
PDF icon October 1, 2013 Who do they really work for? 180.82 KB
PDF icon Sept 25 2013 Does Fish Farming Make Sense350.27 KB
PDF icon Sep 6 2013 Sea Lice ‘Out of Control’ at Loch Duart´s Salmon Farms89.5 KB
PDF icon Shelburne Harbour salmon sites203.12 KB
PDF icon Aquaculture rules weighed at meetings100.5 KB
PDF icon June 10 2013 Norwegian Scientists Warn against Eating Farmed Salmon96.42 KB
PDF icon June 6 2013 Cull Ordered at South Coast Salmon Farm in Nfl73.96 KB
PDF icon May 5, 2013 Pesticides from salmon farms poison Scotland's lochs130.08 KB
PDF icon May 1 2013 Fishy timing on aquaculture file149.92 KB
PDF icon May 1 2013 N.S. moves to modernize 'weak' aquaculture regulations157.85 KB
PDF icon April 26 2013 Cooke company pleads guilty to illegal pesticide use170.11 KB
PDF icon April 26 2013 Aquaculture company on the hook163.44 KB
PDF icon Aprill 11 2013 ISA discovered at Multiexport farm221.86 KB
PDF icon April 8 2013 Press Release225.12 KB
PDF icon April 5 2013 Cooke Aquaculture Inc. buying 54 per cent of South American salmon farm272.59 KB
PDF icon April 4 2013 Land-based salmon farming waiting for its big break182.95 KB
PDF icon February 26 2013 Norwegian salmon farming soon a thing of the past190.39 KB
PDF icon March 18 2013 Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore not Celebrating Yet157.74 KB
PDF icon March 13 2013 APES Press Release709.62 KB
PDF icon March 13 2013 Eastern Shore fish farm bid rejected56.71 KB
PDF icon March 13 2013 Fish farm rejected by N.S. government, risk to wild salmon cited97.16 KB
PDF icon March 13 2013 Province rejects fish farm application142.06 KB
PDF icon March 11 2013 Fish farm foes add sign to campaign193.14 KB
PDF icon March 11, 2013 The Immorality of Increasing Production169.76 KB
PDF icon March 8 2013 Time to move fish farms onto land219.88 KB
PDF icon March 7, 2012 Alarm at aquaculture report218.72 KB
PDF icon Feb 25 2013 Turn up noses at virus-infected fish193.6 KB
PDF icon Feb 25 2013 Fish farmer denies disease killing fish143.53 KB
PDF icon Feb 25 2013 Standing Against Salmon Feedlots326.18 KB
PDF icon Feb 21 2013 Storm-tossed fish farms210.73 KB
PDF icon Feb 8 2013 Sick fish economics Sea change needed198 KB
PDF icon Infected salmon declared fit for human consumption73.03 KB
PDF icon Jan 30 2013 Letter from Alexandra Morton174.26 KB
PDF icon ISA media release123.08 KB
PDF icon Jan 29th 2013 Canadian Government Must Prevent the Spread of Deadly Salmon Virus116.91 KB
PDF icon Jan 28 2013 Virus Could Kill Aquaculture189.89 KB
PDF icon Jan 23 2013 Voice of the People193.09 KB
PDF icon January 21 2013 Trial date closer for Cooke execs96.3 KB
PDF icon Jan 19 2013 Quarantined N.S. salmon sent to N.B. processor.pdf172.46 KB
PDF icon Chronicle Herald January 17 2013 Fish farm tests found wanting187.05 KB
PDF icon Province failing to enforce fish farm rules109.16 KB
PDF icon Dec 27 2012 Feedlot Boycott276.55 KB
PDF icon December 20 2012 New case of ISA at aquaculture site confirmed71.59 KB
PDF icon 18 Dec 2012 Canadian Press Environmental Outcry142.29 KB
PDF icon Dec 18 2012 Chronicle Herald Fishfarm Sites worry Fishermen146.06 KB
PDF icon Dec 18 2012 Belliveau's salmon farm approval draws criticism134.86 KB
PDF icon 11 Dec 2012 Nova Scotia APES Smell Something Fishy in Open Pen Approval Process147.71 KB
PDF icon Time to march235.79 KB
PDF icon Nov 29 2012 CBC news - Sea Lice in NL95.05 KB
PDF icon Chronicle Herald Nov 17 Base decisions on science.132.03 KB
PDF icon Chronicle Herald Nov 17 Missed a few facts59.35 KB
PDF icon Nov 17 Chronicle Herald N.S. rural communities need imagination, not imposition188.91 KB
PDF icon Nov 7 2012 Chronicle Herald Voice of the People138.48 KB
PDF icon Oct 19 2012 Chronicle Herald Sobeys yanks whole salmon from shelves138.22 KB
PDF icon Oct 17, 2012 Customers want land-based farmed salmon216.36 KB
PDF icon Oct 15 2012 Chronicle Herald Alexandra Mor178.33 KB
PDF icon Cooke's refuses transparency!33.46 KB
PDF icon Oct 15 2012 Chronicle Herald Alexandra Morton178.33 KB
PDF icon daily-mail-22-september-2012-1 Use of Chemicals, part 11.67 MB
PDF icon daily-mail-22-september-2012-2 Use of Chemicals, part 21.59 MB
PDF icon September 2012 - Why closed containment is the future8.06 MB
PDF icon The Aquacuturist260.34 KB
PDF icon Fish Farms net loss for St Marys Bay - Chronicle Herald 13 Sept148.72 KB
PDF icon Chronicle Herald Voice of the People August 19144.49 KB
PDF icon Loch Duart named and shamed for seabed pollution28.93 KB
PDF icon Wave of controversy greets fish farms381.78 KB
PDF icon ASF concerned about virus outbreak171.51 KB
PDF icon Baillie calls on Minister to halt open-pen salmon farm application261.25 KB
PDF icon Fish Tales235.11 KB
PDF icon Infected Atlantic salmon for dinner anyone70.44 KB
PDF icon Letters to the editor in the Chronicle Herald269.8 KB
PDF icon Opinion piece - Glenn Cooke, Cooke Aquaculture159.8 KB
PDF icon Marine scientist says environmental trouble brewing in Shelburne Harbour176.43 KB
PDF icon Aquaculture plan moving forward150.39 KB
PDF icon Cartoon141.14 KB
PDF icon Culled121.42 KB
PDF icon Federal govt gives Cooke Aquaculture approval for expansion169.29 KB
PDF icon Jordan Bay fish farms approved by Feds159.9 KB
PDF icon Living Next to a Salmon Feedlot254.92 KB
PDF icon N.L. fish farm hopes to sell affected salmon287.04 KB
PDF icon Rough seas for NDP idealism at salmon farms189.31 KB
PDF icon Salmon virus hits N.L. fish farm site142.9 KB
PDF icon Salmon Wars are here140.47 KB
PDF icon Sky is falling145.04 KB
PDF icon Sobeys scolded for selling most farmed fish157.63 KB
PDF icon PR war waged over fish farms223.06 KB
PDF icon Greenpeace scolds Sobeys over seafood sales198.32 KB
PDF icon First Canadian retailer stops selling farmed salmon!148.52 KB
PDF icon Pooping the Bed172.96 KB
PDF icon Aquaculture loan is misuse of money96.57 KB
PDF icon Closed containment best for wild144.87 KB
PDF icon Cooke aid raising concerns146.25 KB
PDF icon Damning Salmon107.96 KB
PDF icon Fishing for some objectivity on aquaculture192.52 KB
PDF icon How uninformed the NDP is on aquaculture268.54 KB
PDF icon N.S. invests $25 million in fish farm191.34 KB
PDF icon Remain calm and keep eating225.75 KB
PDF icon June 9 2012 Chronicle Herald - Voice of the people part 1141.95 KB
PDF icon June 9 2012 Chronicle Herald - Voice of the people part 2140.33 KB
PDF icon June 9 2012 Chronicle Herald - Voice of the people part 3132.25 KB
PDF icon June 9 2012 Chronicle Herald - Voice of the people part 4183.98 KB
PDF icon Groups rally against ocean-based salmon farming in Nova Scotia87.77 KB
PDF icon Critics say fisheries minister in conflict168.45 KB
PDF icon May 24 2012 Chronicle Herald Voice of the people138.47 KB
PDF icon Fish farmers costs on dry land145.38 KB
PDF icon Fish farming industry requires deft stewardship145.37 KB
PDF icon Fisheries minister promises to improve aquaculture industry138.23 KB
PDF icon Land-based farms137.39 KB
PDF icon Salmon farming an industry that needs to be caged (2)158.15 KB
PDF icon Wild salmon numbers in decline along Atlantic coast93.73 KB
PDF icon May 12, Chronicle Herald 158.15 KB
PDF icon Salmon aquaculture in Nova Scotia--news story timeline from Feb 2009- March 201296.87 KB
PDF icon Mar 16, 2012 CBC News325.83 KB
PDF icon Mar, 2012 South Coast Today235.08 KB
PDF icon Mar 15, 2012 Open File Halifax195.36 KB
PDF icon Mar 12, 2012 Chronicle Herald198.79 KB
PDF icon Mar 11, 2012 The Star219.69 KB
PDF icon Mar 9, 2012 CBC News93.89 KB
PDF icon Feb 20, 2012 CBC News190.31 KB
PDF icon Feb 12, 2012 CBC News148.84 KB
PDF icon Feb 7, 2012 CBC News171.62 KB
PDF icon Feb 6, 2012 Chronicle Herald147.8 KB
PDF icon Feb 2, 2012 Chronicle Herald208.44 KB
PDF icon Jan 26, 2012 Chronicle Herald146.12 KB
PDF icon Jan 25 Chronicle Herald139.44 KB
PDF icon Sea bottom still toxic in Shelburne, says marine scientist88.65 KB
PDF icon Open-pen fish farming a mess.pdf345.31 KB

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