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Loch Duart/Snow Island Salmon Information

Loch Duart Ltd, an industrial salmon farming company from northwest Scotland, has purchased a fish farming company in Owl's Head on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, and named it Snow Island Salmon Inc.

Snow Island Salmon Inc. has initially applied for licensing and implantation of another 3 open pen salmon fish farms in Spry Harbour, Shoal Bay, and Beaver Harbour on the Eastern Shore.

However they withdrew their application for the Beaver Harbour site in November 2012. The company´s initial plan was  to stock the Shoal Bay site with 500,000 smolts in May 2012, for harvest in the fall of 2014, and for Spry Harbour and Beaver Harbour to receive 750,000 fish between them in spring 2013.

Loch Duart apparently plans to establish an operation of a similar size to its Scottish operations within five to seven years, which means producing 3,600 tonnes of salmon per year.


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