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What shows up under the "Science and Information" category of this website?

You can find the document that this screenshot map came from, for example (look under Government Docs for the pdf entitled Roadmap for Aquaculture). As you can (rather fuzzily) see, the Eastern Shore doesn't rate as "good" for salmon aquaculture on this map produced by the provincial governement in consultation with aquaculture industry representatives.  (If you want to know who was consulted, download the report and read it.)

You will also find many other things in this section.

You will find here sample letters to politicians; links and documents containing their addresses; information about the convoluted environmental assessment process; links to the industry-prepared Environmental Impact Assessments for Spry Bay, Beaver Harbour and Shoal Bay; sample responses from APES members to these environmental impact assessments; copies of federal and provincial documents purporting to establish regulations for the licensing of open pen finfish plants; copies of some scientific studies and links to others (many scientific studies are only available through university data bases and/or are too large to attach to this rather modest website, but we will continue to add what we can) and so on. We can't supply what doesn't seem to exist (for example, data regarding the environmental impacts of the finfish farm at Owl's Head are not here because either 1) they do not exist or 2) they are not a matter of public record.) A lack of data should not be taken as an indication, either positive or negative, for a particular fish farm. 

Finally, we have included here (under LD/SIS) a series of documents tracking the past records of Loch Duart, including the company's use of a number of chemicals that are banned in Canada in its operations in Scotland.  Loch Duart has said repeatedly that it will "try to do better," but we see that they continue to register use of numbers of very toxic chemicals with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. The documents that are presented here are a matter of public record.

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