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The battle is not over!

Assocciation for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore

Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore (APES) held public meeting in Sheet Harbour


The event was chaired by the very capable and inclusive Wendy Watson Smith. It was a terrific turnout which demonstrated once again that the Eastern Shore community CARES about the ongoing threat of open net pen in our coastal waters.

There were about 80 people in the room at the Wilderness Association – completely focused and respectfully engaged in the proceedings. It was in all respects a terrific community event.












The reason for the meeting was to bring the community up to date on key issues:

1) A recent meeting with the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Mr Colwell,  in which our Association made its specific concerns very well known.
2) The about to be released final Report of the Doelle Lahey Regulatory Review Panel/ a report that essentially condemns the status quo and recommends massive change.
3) Potential with the Bay of Islands and Step Proposals for an unprecedented recognition of coastal assets the Eastern Shore offers the world – a compatible model as it were.
4) A recent meeting with officials from Snow Island who advise despite all of their troubles, they will re-apply for leases in Shoal Bay , Spry Bay ,
Beaver Harbour and a site to be named later. We asked them a whole range of questions and concerns which they could not answer. They will supposedly come back to us in 30 days ….we remain concerned and skeptical to the extreme! This is a company which talks one game and plays another ….
5) The unveiling of  scandalous new Regulations at the Federal Level which will make the potential usage of harmful pesticides and such much more likely for open net pen operators across the country  . As an Association we continue to protest and speak out against these proposed changes. The key question: does anyone in the Federal Government care?   Their record on the environment is abysmal and clearly they have an agenda we must challenge at every turn.
6) A petition being circulated in the community which demonstrates one more time for Feedlot Operators and Government that
social licence for this model does NOT exist within our community . We don’t want open net pens here. Exactly what part of ‘ NO ‘ don’t they understand ?   
7) Plans going forward to raise funds and mobilize support along the Eastern Shore and beyond. We won the battle but not yet the war ….
8) And, finally, a  BIG EVENT which will make a statement to all concerned as to where concerned Nova Scotians stand on this key issue .
Stand by for details in this regard in the coming days  ….

The Meeting confirmed what everyone knew but needed to demonstrate once again:  The Eastern Shore remains united on this toxic issue.

Two NDP members lost their seats in no small part due to their refusal to acknowledge community concern. We hope the current McNeil Government does not make the same mistake ….The Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore promises to keep everyone in the loop …..

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