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Cooke Aquaculture´s "Summer of Salmon"

                                                                                                                                       Picture: APES members handing out leaflets at Sobey´s Bedford Highway


Throughout August and September the True North Salmon Company, a subsidiary of Cook Aquaculture, is collaborating with Sobey's  throughout Nova Scotia in an effort to convince the public that Farmed Atlantic Salmon are safe to eat.  Could it be that opponents to Ocean based Salmon Farms have been successful in exposing the fact that these farms are a threat to our health, the environment, wild salmon and other fisheries?

The Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore (A.P.E.S.) decided to distribute information at Sobeys locations on the hazards of Farmed Salmon.  The response from Sobeys management and the Halifax Police was swift.  There was no obstruction of the public and no laws being broken, simply the handing out of a fact sheet about the harmful effects of Farmed salmon. 

Within minutes two constables and two police squad cars were accosting two retirees who were peacefully distributing information to the public. 

Aren´t there more important things that Halifax's finest could be doing rather than protecting our Corporate giants from the truth about the harmful effects of Ocean based salmon farms.



Leaflet handed out by APES members at Sobey´s  and True North´„Salmon Summer“

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