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Dr Alexandra Morton's Tour of the Maritimes

Dr Alexandra Morton's Tour of the Maritimes

Dr Alexandra Morton, who has spent 20 years studying the impact on wild marine species in British Columbia, has been on a week-long tour of marine communities affected by existing or proposed open net salmon feedlots.

Her concerns with the aquaculture industry include fish waste accumulating beneath the pens, use of toxic chemicals, and spreading diseases.

Part 1 - Nova Scotia day 1
Part 2 – The story of Port Mouton
Part 3 – No one can understand why !
Part 4 – Another town fighting fish farms
Part 5 – Birthplace of salmon feedlots in Canada
Part 6 - Touring Grand Manan Island
Part7 - When is truth a tactic

Is truth a tactic?

Alexandra Morton: “On October 15, 2012, Anissa Reed and I purchased an Atlantic salmon from Sobey’s supermarket in Truro, Nova Scotia,
We had no idea what series of events would follow…”

The Sea Lice Story.pdf

Listen to Alexandra Morton: Ransom Myers Lecture at Dalhousie University in Halifax


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