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HRM Councillors Take Positions on Open Net Salmon Farming

APES asked Halifax Regional Municipality candidates running for election, what they think about the proposed Open Pen Salmon Farms on the Eastern Shore.

Read comments from candidates: 


Steve Mackie - no e-mail (call no reply)
Robert Mccormack - no reply

Tom Martin replied:

Hello Mr. Williams

My apologies for taking so long getting back to you on this, busy times is all I can say.
In regards to your question sir;
I am against open pen salmon farms proposed for anywhere in the HRM along our coast.
I do not believe open pen farms are necessary and the damage they do to the coastal environment is far to severe.
I certainly support fish farming, just not in our oceans or lakes. I believe all fish farming should be conducted inland away from our coastline and in a controlled environment such as tubs or man made receptacles or pools so that if there is a disease breakout, the farmer doesn't loose their entire stock and there is absolutely no chance of it spreading to our oceans. Pouring pesticides of any type into our waters I am also not in favor of.
This is where I stand on Open Pen Fish Farms.
Thank you
Thomas J Martin
Mayoralty Candidate
Committee to Elect Tom Martin

Aaron Eisses replied:

I do not think that industry aqua culture is sustainable for the long term. While I think that fish farming is an option to look at as way to address our food supply needs, I would fully support a three to five year moratorium on the issuance of licenses for these sites. I do not approve of dumping pesticides of any kind in the open ocean. I also do not like the possibility that the fish could escape and cause damage to the existing fish stocks. I do not think progress should come at the expense of the environment we already have.
Thanks, Aaron

Fred Connors replied:

Good evening Bill,
The efforts made by volunteers to lime and restore the PH of the watershed feeding the West River Sheet Harbour should be celebrated, not compromised. Aquaculture is an important industry and can effectively be done on land without compromising our waterways, natural environment and species. I support ADES in protecting our natural resources.
I have a cottage in Bayswater, NS, where, I km offshore from a provincial beach park, Cooke Aquaculture have an open-pen farm and this should not be allowed to happen.

Mike Savage replied:

Dear Mr. Williams: Thank you for your e-mail. My apologies for the tardy response. Although I know responsibility for open pen fish farms falls within federal and provincial jurisdiction, I believe it should be of concern to municipal leaders as well. That's especially true when you consider the potential impact on the local environment and the community's quality of life. It makes sense to me to step back until we fully understand the implications. I want to see a thriving economy in rural areas of HRM, but not at any cost. It must be sustainable, and complementary to existing resource use and economic activity. We must also value and protect the tranquility and unspoiled nature of rural HRM while promoting tourism and resource development as important economic activities. As Mayor, I would ensure that the strengths of all parts of the region are recognized and valued.
Thank you for your message.
Mike Savage


District 1 ( Waverly- Fall River - Musquodoboit Valley)

Steve Streatch - e-mail - no reply

Barry Dalrymple replied:

Hello bill - you have sent this to a Municipal Councilor and we have absolutely no say or jurisdiction in these matters as they are mostly Federal with some Provincial abilities. As I have no control or ability I do not know enough about it to give you an honest opinion, I wish you the best of luck but you need to concentrate and hold those accountable that are responsible for these jurisdictions.
Regards, Barry
Barry Dalrymple
HRM Councillor District 2
Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank
861-1171 (h) 222-0740 (c)

District 2 (Preston - Porters Lake - Eastern shore

Laurie Cook replied:

I agree with a moratorium on licenses for open pen salmon farms; preferable for 3 years instead of 5.
I went to a science meeting that was hosted several months ago on the issue in Sheet Harbour, and attended the rally at the Lord Nelson hotel.
I also fundamentally believe that community consultation on any issue is critical, and if a community doesn't want something in its back yard - then it should not be forced to.
I understand some people say this is to bring jobs to rural areas, but I understand that jobs at any cost - especially when they might jeopardize existing jobs - do not make sense.
I hope that a moratorium would provide the time for even more people to get a sense of the science behind the issue, and look for best practices that will determine exactly what kind of fish farming does make sense for rural areas.
Best, Laurie Cook

Will Gilligan replied:

Thank you for your email.
Since the day I declared as a candidate in this election for councillor in District 2. I have been asked "What's your Stand on open pen salmon farming". To be honest I wasn’t educated enough on the topic to give a true answer. I called on some friends of mine here on the Shore to get their insight. I joined The Eastern Shore Residents against Open Pen Salmon Farming page on Face book and I followed the sight closely. I watched the Salmon Wars film
and I plan to go to a public viewing this week.
Now when I am asked this question here is the answer I give (it hasn’t been popular with everyone)
“From everything that I have read, discussed and viewed, I feel that there should be a 2 to 3 yr. moratorium on the farms until we can
get some strong scientific facts on its short and long term effects. I feel as it stands these proposed farms will have a negative impact economically, environmentally and even socially on the Shore.
Actually it’s irrelevant what my views are. The people of the Eastern Shore have spoken out loud and clear against this. As an elected representative at any level of government it would be my job to honor that. It’s never about me. It’s always about the people.”
Will Gilligan
Candidate District 2
(Preston ,Porters Lake, Eastern Shore)

David Hendsbee replied:

Hi Claire & Bill Williams -
I am absolutely opposed to any open pen fish farms in our coastal waters along the Eastern Shore.
I support the call for a moratorium. If any fish farms were to exist I would prefer to have them 'on land' instead of 'in the sea' whereby fecal containment and manure composting can be better managed.
Also I would advocate for a Community Monitoring Committee or perhaps APES itself, to act as a guardian for the general public. These operations must be prepared to be receptacle to greater transparency and scrutiny.
I hope I have answered your concerns adequately.
Best regards - David H

Jason Josey replied:

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to respond to your letter,
The current debate over the open pen salmon farms has to be one of the most passionately discussed topics I’ve ever seen in our area.
I’ve been paying attention since this all began. This is all happening in my backyard as well as yours. I wasn’t sure where I stood at first because I heard that this would create jobs, and jobs are what our area desperately needs. I went to the first meetings held here in Sheet Harbour looking for insight into what exactly we, as a community were facing. I went with the sole purpose of gathering information so that I could make an informed decision, one way or another.
I was, and still am, willing to listen to both sides of this argument. Everyone has the right to have an opinion, and to have their say. I’ve asked everyone that has approached me, on both sides of this argument, for evidence to support what they say. The people that stand against these sites have never stopped providing me with evidence that clearly shows the short and long term negative effects that these farms can and will have. I’ve had numerous phone calls and conversations with residents, fishermen, and even a few tourists. They were all desperate to stop open pen salmon farms from coming here. They have done their research and do have the facts to back up their position against the open pen salmon farms. They have never stopped gathering information, facts, and proof since day one.
The people in support of these sites have come to me with a lot of speculations and promises, but to date I’ve yet to see any real scientific evidence that these farms are safe. They may be working well on the short term, but the long term effects are what have me worried. Documentation that I‘ve seen from sites all over the globe has clearly proven to me that the long term effects are devastating. We can’t be naive enough to believe that the same won’t happen here. I realize that the Companies involved with the salmon farms here believe that things will be different, but it is a huge risk to take without a guarantee. These are the same companies that used toxic chemicals during production in Scotland.
With that being said I’d like to say that I’ve been invited to tour the salmon farms in Owels Head, and I do plan to go as soon as I have a chance. I’m interested to see firsthand how these operations run, although I still don’t see how they can make any assurances that there is nothing happening down on the ocean floor when we can’t actually see what’s going on down there. I’m not against the people that work at these farms; they have the right to earn a paycheque just like the rest of us. A gentleman asked me a few months ago if I thought people would label him a lobster killer if he took a job at one of these salmon farms. I assured him that would be completely unfair; I wasn’t labelled a tree killer when I worked for MacTara Lumber Co. We can’t attack people for working, even if we don’t agree with where they work or what their job may be. We all have bills to pay.
I’ve talked to people from other areas, including B.C, that had open pen salmon farms in their region. The response has always been consistent, don’t let them in. I have two children growing up in this community. I can’t support something that could have a negative effect on their future without proof that it won’t be harmful. The negatives simply far outweigh anything else. I was warned not to take a stand on anything if I wanted to be a politician, but I am also a proud resident of the Eastern Shore.
This is my home too, and I have to speak up for what is right. I can’t stand idly by when something is poised to threaten our Lobster industry, our fishermen’s livelihood, our ocean, our coastline, our beaches, our tourism, and our wild salmon stock. The price, compared to the few jobs these farms create, is simply not worth it.
I will always support what the people in my District want. I have to go with what the majority of the people are saying, and it is all too clear what the people want in this situation. I would certainly support a three to five year moratorium on issuance of licenses for these sites. There are other options and I believe that solutions can be found that will satisfy everyone involved, but it may take time to find them. With so much at risk, we need to demand that time.
I would like to thank the Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore for all their hard work and tireless devotion to this cause. You have gone above and beyond to provide people with facts, evidence, and have provided an  abundance of educational material on this issue. I appreciate all that you have done. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Jason Josey
for District 2

Keith Leahy replied:

Hello Mr. Williams,
Thank you for your email.
As a lifelong resident of the Eastern Shore I certainly understand your concern surrounding open pen salmon farms and the effect they may have on our environment.
As you mentioned, our waters are pristine and we must ensure they remain that way for the sustainability of our fishing industries, the health of our tourism industry, the enjoyment of our citizens and for our children to enjoy in the future.
In saying that, as your Councillor I would support your position that a moratorium is important so that we can adequately assess the effects these operations would have on the environment. Furthermore, I would work with the provincial government to ensure your concerns are heard.
I trust this email has answered your question in regards to my position on this issue. If you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.
I hope I can count on your support as well as other members of your association.
Best Regards,

Gail McQuarrie replied:

Dear Ms. Williams:
Thank you for taking the time to write to me and ask for my position on  this topic. I think it is imperative people know where their next councillor sits on issues of such importance.
Let me start by saying, I grew up in Little Hbr. I enjoyed going fishing with cousins and uncles. I started baiting their trawl as a 12 year old, which was my first job and probably first real substantitve attempt at leading others (children at this time) in our community. Fishing, swimming and playing on the beaches was a huge joy for myself and relatives and I can't imagine that opportunity being destroyed by unknown sea lice and other potentially damaging disease.
Having such a passion for and many cousins and friends who still depend on the fishery of the Shore I have made it my business to keep abreast of much of the information about ocean pens for salmon. I strongly believe, that until such a time, research and perhaps development of safe and long term care of our ocean waters and floors can be undoubtedly protected from any real or potential dangers, that these pens need to be kept out of the Eastern Shore.
I believe at this time, the research, the proof and the real threat is too much of a risk. The benefits are not significant enough to risk the potential results. I have always believed no one knows the shores of the Eastern Shore like the men who use it for their livelihood. And I am hearing far too much scepticism to feel even a little bit comfortable having these pens in the area.
I understand employment and I understand economics. Both need to be improved upon on the shore, and I look forward to helping as much as possible in these areas as a councillor. However, NOT at the risk of the present fishery.
I had the privilege of being able to drop in on a meeting yesterday in East Ship Hbr. of Herring fishermen. I took the opportunity to speak to a few of the fishermen, Clark and Darren Stevens and Billy DeWolfe about this very topic. I too, assured them of my position and my understanding of the literature out there, and am not shy about voicing or putting into writing my adamant refusal to support open pen salmon farms as it presently stands.
I thank you for your interest of my position on this topic and believe as long as we stick together, alternatives and/or solutions can be found over time.
Until such a time ,if someone wants to commence this activity let them do it on land. The almighty dollar profit IS NOT the be all and end all of rational reasoning.
If you have upcoming meetings you would like me to attend and speak at on this topic, I have no problem with that either.
Kindest regards,
Gail McQuarrie


Nancy Jakeman replied:

Dear Mr. Williams,
Thank you for your correspondence bringing to light your Associations concerns over salmon farms. I can certainly appreciate your concern. As I was raised in Eastern Passage, I understand how important the fishing industry is to our communities. Not only in bringing healthy local products for people to buy, but to the livelihood of the local fisherman. Any issue that impacts this industry should be scrutinized by the government.
I am not sure what influence I would have on this issue as a member of the school board, however I can certainly sympathize. Perhaps on an education level, a program could be put in place similar to teaching children the benefits of recycling, teaching them the benefits of keeping our oceans clean and supporting companies and organizations that are committed to selling sustainable fish so that future generations will be able to enjoy at the very least what the fishing industry has to offer today.
If you have any further questions surrounding the issues today’s children face regarding their right to a safe and well rounded education, please do not hesitate asking. Again thank you for your time and consideration.
Yours truly,
Nancy Jakeman
Candidate for HRSB, District 2

District 3 ( Dartmouth South - Eastern Passage)

Jackie Barkhouse replied:

I have tremendous concern over open-pen fish farms for numerous reasons but particularly because of the risk to our coastal environment.
Before any additional licences are granted, the provincial department of fisheries must address the specific concerns of local residents and fishers in the affected areas about possible contamination by toxic chemicals, the effect of fish waste on other species such as lobster and the potential hazard to navigation that the location of pens may present.
Until those concerns are addressed, I support a moratorium on the granting of additional fish farm licences in the area. In addition to addressing the concerns of residents of the Eastern Shore, the department must also be transparent in processing the licence applications so the community understands how and why decisions are made.
Councillor Jackie Barkhouse

Bill Karsten - Acknowledged e-mail - no reply

District 4 ( Cole Harbour - Westphal)

Lorelei Nicoll - No Reply

Barry Smith - Call for info - referred to - no reply

District 5 ( Dartmouth Centre)

Sonya Dudka - No Reply

Gloria McCluskey - No Reply

Kate Watson replied:

There is plenty of evidence that open pen salmon farming pollutes both with fish waste and fertilizer. While it is not under HRM's jurisdiction to prevent open pen fish farming, our municipal government should be pressuring the provincial government for a moratorium. Kate Watson Candidate for District 5 - Dartmouth Centre

Sam Austin replied:

Good evening Bill Williams,
As a citizen of NS, I have real concerns about salmon farming. Cramming so  many fish in one spot with all the problems of waste and disease seems  like a recipe for disaster. I'm concerned about the environmental impact  on the surrounding ocean and NS's surviving Atlantic Salmon stocks. The relatively few jobs that Aquaculture generates compared to the risks makes it a questionable venture in my mind. That said, I'm not sure that there is much that the municipality can do. Harbours and fisheries are strictly  under provincial jurisdiction. Any municipal attempt to block salmon farms could be overruled or simply ignored by the province and there would be nothing HRM could do. HRM can make noise to try and generate political pressure, but as far as I know, that's about it. Were you looking for some specific action from HRM?

Ken Bowman replied:

Hi Claire
Thanks for the e-mail. I must say that I am a little behind the eight ball on this issue however I would like to know more.
My mother was from the Chester area and I do remember there were issues with the mussel farmers which were somewhat the same as yours. These issues were address before licenses were granted. I have found over the years that there has become a great working relationship between the residence and the farmers now.
I do agree with the farming of salmon however this should not restrict nor rune the livelihood of residence who are already established in the area and I also believe that these farms should not ruin the beautiful scenery which is Nova Scotia.
Ken Bowman
HRM Council Candidate
Dartmouth Centre, District

Bryn Jones-Vaillancourt replied:

Hello Bill,
Thank you for contact me. I agree that this is a very important issue. I do not support open pen salmon farms. I believe that the economic and environmental impact is far too great. Earlier this year, I had the chance to watch “Salmon Wars”, and this documentary truly opened my eyes. I was concerned of the open pen salmons farms prior, but seeing this documentary helped me come to my decision. This open pen salmon industry is not sustainable in its current set up. I believe that if we are going to farm salmon, it should be in closed pens that are on land and where there system is a 100% closed system.
I do not support open pen salmon farms because of the pesticides required, the environmental impact impact to existing industry is far too great. I am glad to hear there are people working hard throughout our community to protect our environment.
Thank you for contact me.
Bryn Jones-Vaillancourt
Candidate – Dartmouth Centre, District Five

Bill Zebedee replied:

I have done extensive research on this subject through the internet and personal conversations, and feel there is enough scientific evidence to indicate open pen salmon farms can have a detrimental effect on our fish stock. As salmon supporters. ca says, "the weight of independent evidence is overwhelming".
I am most concerned with the use of SLICE and Exis on our eco-system and have consulted a scientist; who, in a letter to the Aquaculture Licensing & Leasing Supervisor with Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, states “pesticides can be lethal to many forms of aquatic life including wild salmon and lobsters”.
Through my research I do not believe my concerns have been answered. In fact, the scientist I spoke with has made me even more worried about the effects of using known pesticides and toxic chemicals (which the manufacturers recommend not using in marine settings).
I, therefore, support a three to five year moratorium on open pen salmon farming in HRM, and, although a provincial issue, it is incumbent on our municipal leaders to lobby their provincial counterparts to protect our waterways. During this moratorium, proposed by your coalition of over 100 concerned business, non-profit and community sector organizations, I believe better alternatives can be found that do not endanger our already suffering aquatic life.
Thank you
Bill Zebedee
Council Candidate
Dartmouth Centre

District 6 (Harbour view - Burnside- Dartmouth East)

Darren Fisher - No Reply

Jerry Pye - No Reply (acknowledged e-mail)

District 7 (Peninsula South - Downtown)

Mike MacDonell - No Reply

Dawgfather PHD - No Reply

Gerry Walsh - No Reply

Waye Mason replied:

I can freely admit I don't have enough information to take a stand on this issue. It's not something I've had time to research. I have a layman understanding of the argument from listening to the media but I'd want more depth than that before I committed specifically. I have however committed to the Our HRM Alliance seven point platform, and am very concerned about environmental protection, so I would be interested in hearing more about the issue.

Sue Uteck replied:

Hi Bill:
thank you for your email and comments, they are appreciated. I could support a 3 year moratorium as I feel that this is sufficient time that all the research can be conducted and a solution could be found.
sue uteck

Dawgfather PHD replied:
I will back you 100%,on this one because the harm far out weighs the benefit.
Dawgfather PHD

District 8 (Peninsula North)

James McKay - No Reply

Dawn Marie Sloane - No Reply

Karen Dempsey replied:

I would support your proposed moratorium. Karen Dempsey

Jennifer Watts replied:

Dear Bill Williams,
Apologies for the delay in replying to your letter on behalf of the
Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore (APES). Open
pen salmon aquaculture is a complex issue, and one that HRM
Regional Council has not investigated or studied in depth.
I am sympathetic to your concerns that the beautiful waters off the
Eastern Shore will be impacted by proposed fish farms. From a
municipal perspective, my understanding is that HRM has very little
jurisdiction in terms of determining whether the proposed facilities
will go ahead. However, given the investment that HRM has made over
the past decade in improving sewage treatment, I would be in favour of
asking staff to investigate how water quality might be impacted by
these open pen facilities. Depending on their conclusions, HRM might
be able to put a position forward to the province.
I look forward to hearing more about this issue from the
representative of District 2.
Best wishes,
Jennifer Watts

Doug MacDonald replied:
Hi Claire/Bill;
Further to your inquiry about where I stand on the open pen salmon farms, I would have to see an extensive environmental assessment, prior to being in a position to make a comment.

District 9 ( Peninsula West - Armdale)

Richard Maclean - No Reply

Linda Mosher - No Reply

Giovanni (John) Abati replied:

Dear Claire and Bill Williams:
Check out my website - I have 30 years of Watershed Planning experience and am fully aware of the hazards of such an industry PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS - Some may live in District 9 (Peninsula West - Armdale) I SUPPORT A MORATORIUM on OPEN-PEN AQUACULTURE "NO TO OPEN-PEN Aquaculture is part of my Vision as seen in my attached Door-to-door Flyer." I will champion keeping such practices on land. Disaster is only 1 storm away. Tides, ocean currents, poor maintenance practices and non-regulated feed also threaten our marine environment. I am also against Fracking and the spreading of Bio-solids. Please call with any questions or concerns.
Yours sincerely,
Giovanni (John) Abati
478-3422 PS - I want to be HRM's Environmental Voice on Council From:

John Wimberly replied:

Hello, Claire.
I absolutely oppose the expansion of open pen fish farming. My father, well-known environmental activist David Wimberly, and I helped lobby for a moratorium at the provincial NDP convention this summer. Sadly, the provincial government was not swayed.
You know the data, so I don't need to repeat it. Suffice to say, there is every evidence that this expansion of open pen fish farming will harm our precious environment and jeopardize our inshore fishery and the people and communities that it supports. It is bad policy. I can't understand for the life of me why the provincial government is supporting it.
When I was a child, growing up in Head of St Margaret's Bay, there would be periodic and temporary warnings that people shouldn't eat the mollusks. That happened a few times a year when I was a boy, and every year the periods of danger increased. Now there is a blanket warning that eating the mollusks will be harmful. This coincides with an increase of fish farming in St Margaret's Bay. This sort of farming has poisoned the Bay -- and I don't see how anyone could support that.
As a councillor, I will have a greater voice to speak out on these issues, and I intend to use that voice. I do not believe that council should remain silent on issues that effect the region, even if those issues are technically out their governmental jurisdiction, provincial or federal. But speaking out isn't enough. We need council to work with the province on these issues and make sure that our concerns are addressed. I'm not sure what the relationship will look like, but some sort of relationship needs to be made. Right now there is virtually none.
Please let me know if you have any other questions, concerns, advice, etc... Keep up the good fight!
John Wimberly
Candidate for HRM Council, District 9 (Peninsula West - Armdale)

District 10 ( Birch Cove - Rockingham - Fairview)

Kurt Bulger replied:

Hello Bill,
Thank you for your interest in Municipal politics and asking questions of the candidates.
There will always be problems associated with large commercial farming operations no matter what the item or animal that is to be harvested. The debate about open pen versus closed pen should have been put to bed by now as both are mature technologies. The problem I believe arises with the need to be profitable as a business and the cutting of corners to achieve this.
So maybe a moratorium is in order so that the provincial government can insure that regulatory over site and enforcement will be effective and safe.
But these are questions that can only be solved with dialogue between these 2 levels of government and this has been sorely lacking for many years. This hopefully will change with the new council that I hope is going to be elected.
Kurt Bulger

John Thibeau replied:

In light of the upcoming municipal election our group would like to know where you stand on the open pen salmon farms.
Over the last few days I have taken some time away from my election campaign to review the documentary and much of the information you provided for me on open pen fish farming. I had very little knowledge before your inquiry and feel that I am now informed enough to make a decision on how and where I stand on open pen salmon farms here in HRM; as well as across Nova Scotia.
The most important points raised were the environmental impacts that open fish farms have. Reading the information and watching the documentary that was prepared by so many experts it is quite evident that open pen fish farms, as they are currently operated, are having a serious detrimental effect in our pristine ocean waters. With such poor monitoring of inefficient regulations and no enforcement, open pen fish farms are creating a serious and potential threat to our waters and the natural aquatic animals that live there. Further devastating effects are coming as a result of the use of pesticides, pollutants and chemicals as was shown in the research; some used illegally. This is a huge concern to me personally coming from a fishing community and should be a concern for all residents, and all Atlantic Canadians, where these pens are proposed for.
I am surprised to learn the vast number of negative effects that open pen salmon farming is having on our waters and more so that this conversation isn’t happening on a larger scale. Our governments, all three levels, should be working together to ensure that the future of our oceans and coastlines are protected and saved for future generations to come; as well as the wildlife.
Our group is calling for a three to five years moratorium on issuance of licenses for these sites. It is our hope that in that time solutions to the problems arising from open pen salmon farms in our pristine water could be found.
I fully support the call for a three to five year moratorium on the issuance of licenses for current and future sites for open pen fish farms. The information and research clearly shows that current methods of operating these types of farms is not working; at least not for the people or the environment. I believe a moratorium of this length would give experts and researchers the proper amount of time to properly study current methods and devise new solutions that have far less negative environmental impact.
With large economic potential and a natural environment to provide for it, I would like to see solutions found that would help make open pen fish farming more environmentally friendly. There is an opportunity to create a sustainable and environmentally safe source of employment, revenue and food production. With the right approach and proper monitoring and regulation, fish farming is an opportunity to create an economic boost. It must be made to be viable both economically and environmentally first.

Russell Walker replied:

I cannot open the file. I support your efforts but this is a Provincial issue and we do not have any control over where they are allowed to be placed.
I hope that this helps and good luck

District 11 ( Spry field - Sambro- Prospect Road)

Tom Lavers - acknowledged e-mail, no reply

Peter Grabosky replied:

It is late and our easlink cable was down most of the day due to a line damaged on Prospect Rd.
I have not had the opportunity to finish all my responses to emails as it is late and I have been walking door to door
all day long...I am pretty tired.
But, I did want to know that I have read your email and I will be responding to you shortly.
Just for the to fish farms!
Take care,
Candidate Dist 11
Spryfield, Sambro,

Jim Hoskins replied:

Hello Claire,
I have tried to keep informed on this issue but would please forward me your info so I could have a chance to make a better informed decision.
Provided NSAPES.CA no further reply

District 12 (Timberlea - Beechville - Clayton Park West)

P. Rano Knokhar - No Reply

Bruce E. Smith - No Reply

Reg Rankin replied:

Thank you for your keen interest on this important file .
The councillor members of the Western Community Council , namely myself , Peter Lund and Steve Adams feel just as strongly regarding the lack of public consultation.
By copy of this e-mail to our councillors office, I would request if you might be provided a copy of our resolution to the Premier pressing for such public consultation.

District 13 (Hammonds Plains - St-Margarets)

Peter Lund - No Reply

Matt Whitman - No Reply

District 14 (Upper/Middle Sackville - Beaver Bank)

Brad ( BJ) Johns - No Reply

Laurie Sauers replied:

Hello Mr. Williams,
Thank you for your letter. I agree, this is an important issue but, unfortunately, it's one I don't know a lot about.
Due to it being an extremely busy time - campaigning every day - I don't have a lot of time to research before giving you an informed, rather than an impulsive, answer. Would you be able to reply with an attachment of information, one in which I could easily read and understand in a short period of time?
Thank you for your help in understanding this important matter, so if elected, I can represent the residents better.
Laurie Sauers

District 15 (Lower Sackville)

Steve Craig - Acknowledged e-mail, no reply

Janet Langville -No Reply

Stephen Taylor -No Reply

Ian Wilson - No Reply

Curt Wentzell replied:

Good Day Claire and Bill,
As a member of the Sackville Rivers Assoc. since 2005, I researched your question with Mr. Walter Regan.
I am opposed to open pen salmon farming due to contagious infections, the anti-biotics used to treat infections, the accumulation of feces, the lobsters feeding on food over-flows below the open pensand lastly, the herbacides used to kill sea lice.
I support closed pen fish farming sites on land.
Curt Wentzell

District 16 (Bedford - Wentworth)

Tim Outhit - No Reply

Mark Ward - Called Bill Williams - over 1 hour of conversation

Good Morning Bill,
Great talking to about this very important issue, are you able to send me the dates and times locations of that speaker form BC, in Halifax and down your way. I started to do some research on this type of fish farming and what we talked about over the phone. More later
have a great weekend

Peter Stoffer on NDP Federal Policy

In a CBC interview, Peter Stoffer MP Sackville & Eastern Shore (fisheries critic for federal NDP for 13 yrs) relates how NS provincial policy on aquaculture is out of step with Federal NDP policy.

Peter has written to  Sterling Belliveau indicating federal policy. Judge for your yourself his reaction to the response received from Mr Belliveau!

The Federal NDP policy is that communities should decide if open pen sites are allowed in their community and land based salmon farms are the right way to go.

Listen to the interview:


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