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Loch Duart – The Toxic Salmon Company

Loch Duart – The Toxic Salmon Company

Don Staniford who visited Loch Duart’s operations in Lochmaddy, Scotland, on 18 November 2012 notes:

“Loch Duart markets itself as 'The Sustainable Salmon Company' but data obtained from the Scottish Government reveal that Loch Duart's sites during 2012

suffered from Epitheliocistis (Chlamydia), Salmonid Alphavirus (Pancreas Disease) and Vibrio species (Winter Ulcer).”

Fit for the Queen - Loch Duart’s Chlamydia-Contaminated Salmon?

Don Staniford: Objection to Loch Duart's application to increase tonnage and increase the use of toxic chemicals in Loch Carnan.


Loch Duart objection Don Staniford.pdf

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