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New NS Aquaculture Regulations

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The Province of Nova Scotia released its new aquaculture regulations on October 26, 2015.

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Press coverage

EAC Confirms New Aquaculture Regulations Significant Departure from Doelle-Lahey Recommendations - Calls for Continued Moratorium on New Fin Fish Farms

Nova Scotia releases new aquaculture rules, reaction mixed

LUNENBURG — The province released its new aquaculture regulations on Monday to mixed reaction, with industry representatives saying they need time to review the information and environmental advocates saying the steps don’t go far enough.

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New Nova Scotia aquaculture regulations 'more accountable'

Nova Scotia Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell released new regulations for aquaculture in Lunenburg Monday to provide "a more accountable and responsible approach to aquaculture" that includes more public input.

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Aquaculture regulations criticized for lack of transparency in report

A legal analysis released Thursday of Nova Scotia's new aquaculture regulations says the overhaul is a step forward but fails to deliver the openness and transparency needed to restore public confidence in fish farms.

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