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Salmon Wars

Salmon Wars, Aquaculture and the Future of Communities

"Salmon Wars, Aquaculture and the Future of Communities"

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"Salmon Wars" is a community-funded investigative documentary being made by Nova Scotia journalist and author Silver Donald Cameron (The Green Interview) in response to the fact that many Maritime citizens and citizen groups are concerned at the rapid expansion of net-cage salmon aquaculture in the Atlantic Provinces, and in particular in Nova Scotia. 

A press release for the film explains, "Support for this initiative flows mainly from a number of organizations concerned about the conservation of wild fish and the ecology of inshore waters generally.  Other interested parties include tourism operators, outfitters, lobster fishermen, processors, environmentalists and cottagers.  All are concerned that governments seem to be giving undue weight to aquaculture's promise of economic activity and job creation, overlooking the potential losses of jobs and profits that currently exist, not to mention the less easily-quantified benefits of an unspoiled natural environment."

The documentary will be released in the spring or early summer of 2012. 
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